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Townhouse In Salmon in Gdansk


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It was in this building since the beginning of the seventeenth century were made of Gdansk's most famous liquor Goldenwasser - "gold vodka," which even mentioned Mickiewicz's Pan Tadeusz - "... vodka to Gdansk, drink nice to Pole". The production of this drink began in 1598 Dutch Mennonite, after receiving the citizenship of Gdansk, Ambrosius Vermoellen. His labels called Der Lachs - Salmon. This fish is a symbol of happiness and prosperity, from now on all products initialed tasting room. However, the most famous product made in his small factory became Goldwasser. This event is commemorated by a plaque on the facade of the building. Currently wyskokowego drink no longer produced in this place, but more recently in Pomerania Pruszcz. Sam's house was rebuilt in the Rococo style of the mid-seventeenth century.

Sam's recipe was hidden for centuries and has been passed down from generation to generation. It was known that in spicy vodka flying dwudziestodwu carat gold. Branded liquor Gdańsk hosted the biggest European courts and was the favorite drink of Tsarina Catherine II. Chronicles mention the successive owners of the recipe: Bestvater, Henrichsdorf, Marwitz and Wundichow. Currently, the legal heir and owner of the original recipe is the Graf von Hardenberg, the owner of liquor factory Hardenberg-Wilthen AG in Germany.