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Tower Jacek element medieval fortifications of Gdansk






It was built around 1400, is located within the main town, the task was to observe the foreground from the old town, which at that time did not have its own walls. Currently, the tower rises to a height of 36 meters, is set to an octagonal plan. It consists of eight floors of the shooters' positions, three of which are lower with vaulted cellar, which served as counsel for food storage. Brick walls have a thickness of the shaft from 2.5 m to 1.2 m in the basement of the upper parts. Entrance to Baasha, led the high wall of the porch to the south and from the main town in the basement. Next we can see the edge of the roof, brick by brick arches supported by brackets, called machicolations, in this place ran slung porch from which the visible holes, the defenders could strike the enemy siege tower. The origin of the name of the tower comes from the now defunct neighboring Dominican Tower and originally jokingly called in German "Kiek in de Kok," which meant, "Look to the kitchen" referred to the nearby Dominican monastery buildings. On today's Bastion Jacek passed in the first half of the eighteenth century, its present name was given after 1945 and refers to the holy Jack Odrowąż, so that in 1227 Prince Svatopluk brought to the Dominican order of Gdansk.