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The building of the former Sant Marys School in Gdansk


monuments, culturally




The building housed the School of St. Mary's 1652 years, the building itself was built in 1581. Later, he held various positions. Combined with the New Bench House at Long Market 43 served as the Prussian Admiralty, later housed the registrar's office here. Currently headquartered here Gdansk Society of Friends of Art and the Gallery is not carried out by the "Point". Name comes from the album issued in the 70's and 80's cultural journal. Interesting architecture is unusual setting houses the long wall to the street, rather than a narrow frontage typical of Gdansk. Hence facade czterookienna top and two dormer facades topped peaks identical. The bright stonework facades contrasting with dark grains made ​​of small bricks, was typical for the Netherlands style of the period. Arched windows full of lightening. Each floor is separated entablature with five generally similar geometric pattern, only the lower entablature contains the center of the two masks. Dormer windows in the gables decorated with stripes ornament ferrule also characteristic of Dutch Mannerism, everything is included pairs of volutes and ogee. Each summit ends with a frontage of cones. The peaks are separated from the floor cornice with busts of warriors.