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The building of Schlieff, the only surviving late Gothic house in Gdansk






Built in 1520, the only one in Gdansk Gothic building with stone decoration. Portal building is decorated with two lions, the lower floors are more decorated window tracery in the upper small arched kotarowymi. The culmination of the facade of the crenelage attic. In the middle of the beam was placed patrician family crest Schlieffów. Since 1616 the owner was very influential, derived from Kolobrzeg, family Schlieffów. Representatives of the family were in Gdansk rajcami, councilors. At its peak, held in Gdansk 23 granaries. The expense would be to claim that the only source of materially inscribed in the history of Gdansk, named Valentine Schlieff amassed one of the largest collections of books and manuscripts, which today can be seen in the Library of the Gdansk Academy of Sciences. The apartment building involves a very interesting story, after 300 years of his stay in the building fell into disrepair, the city refused to fund the renovation. The then owner decided to demolish, before removing and inventory of the 287 items, weighing 3700 kg masonry elements. The purchaser of this decoration, for 300 pieces of eight, he was anonymous. As it turned out, was the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III. Custom cargo barge sailed to Potsdam, where the famous architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel recreated as part of the facade kaminicy wing of the building known as the House of the Knight (Kavalierhaus) standing on Peacock Island in the limits of today's Berlin. Through this journey, the building has been preserved to this day.