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The building Freders and Zierenbergs






The house was built in 1620. The owners of the building was among Freders, then coming from Bremen Zierenbergs family. Daniel Zierenberg Johan and his son were the mayors of Gdansk.

Very richly decorated façade building is the work of one of the greatest sculptors and architects of the period of Abraham van den Blocke. The artist has been working to order Zierenbergs. Pre-existing ornamental medallions with heads of the Caesars of 1549 made ​​on behalf of Peter Ringering Freders.

Looking for a house can be enjoyed not only for its beauty and architectural style, but also the way of life the last owners. Looking for two details, the coat of arms above the entrance portal in the form of foot crane holding a stone, symbolizing vigilance and the inscription on the attic 'PRO INVIDIA' which means to jealousy, of course neighbors.