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The building Connert and Schumann






The building of the High Renaissance style with a touch of French and Italian influences. The whole house opasają pilasters, although they are clearly marked with cornices individual stories of tryglifami, metopami and bukarionami. The summit is decorated with putti bays, dormer and set a figure of Zeus.

The founder of the house in 1560 but was Conertów family lived in it for a short time in 1606. The house has changed owners several times, but the longest residents of the building from the mid-seventeenth was the family Schuman, more than two centuries, hence the name of the building is well established. The family that originated five mayors, 4 burgrabiów royal, 11 town councilors. In modern times, the building was rebuilt in 1912, spent it on a coffee shop, part of the hall equipment moved to the Old Town Hall. Since 1917, the owners of the building was the Berlin company "Gesellschaft Disconto Danzig".

During the Second World War greatly affected building, the efforts of residents rebuilt. Currently, it houses the tourist information.