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Stone Lock in Gdansk






Stone Lock is one of the most interesting hydroinżynieryjnych in Poland. Built between 1619-1623, designed by Jan Strakowski according to plans drawn up by Hollendrów of Alkmaar: Willem Jansen Beninga and Adriaen Olbrantsena. One of the objectives of the hill buildings, was driving a mill town, who was a very important function backup mill. The enemy could easily fix the mills of the Old Town by blocking Radunia Channel. With original wooden lock gates, and from the nineteenth century, the metal can be artificially raise the status of waters in the Vistula Vistula delta causing a "controlled" flood, or protect the city from sea water, forcing the storm to Motławy. The stone grodzach can see four decorative towers, in addition to the visual, they served a defensive function, were prevented from crossing the enemy soldiers on the bulkheads and address of the bridge. Finally, I find the so-called Ravelin, a small bastion built in the seventeenth century. In 1656 the Swedish army withdrew from the siege of Danzig after pouring foreground.