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St Marys Gate in Gdansk


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St Mary's Gate was built in the late fifteenth century, its form is very similar to the adjacent gates Chlebicki and the Holy Spirit. In passing from the city's coat of arms is placed Danzig force since 1457 with two lions retaining crest with two crosses topped with a crown. From the Motławy the passing adorns her team crests, coat of arms in the middle of the Republic who "greet" the coat of arms of Royal Prussia, Danzig.

Gate cut the blinds partially completed ostrołukami doubled.

During the Second World War, was severely hit the gate, the gate was rebuilt in the sixties and allocated to the Archaeological Museum.

In 1998, commemorative plaque, from the Motławy, commemorating Alexander von Humboldt and its relationship to Gdansk, including Gdansk honorary membership in the Society of Natural Sciences.