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Sant Nicholas Church in Gdansk






Dominican church of St. Nicholas, the church of St. Catherine, is one of the oldest religious monuments in Gdansk. The current mass of the church founded in the late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Its construction was initiated Dominicans, brought in 1227 by the Duke of Pomerania, Gdansk, Świętopełka. The church was built at the crossroads of two important trade routes: the ancient road merchants (via mercatorum) and Gdansk route leading from the castle to the princely estates in Pomerania. Patron of the Church of Saint Nicholas, was considered the patron saint of merchants and sailors, which shows a medieval Gdansk. The archaeological research conducted around the church helped locate the original convent and chapel of the Dominican fathers, they were on the site of the present market hall and the square of the Dominican. The original small church was built probably in 1185. In 1260, Pope Alexander IV granted the privilege of Gdansk Dominicans plenary indulgence on 4 August. Since then, the pilgrims were getting to Gdansk, a city council began to organize on that day fair Dominican. The church was probably destroyed in 1308, during the massacre of Danzig. During the religious riots in Gdansk, repeatedly robbed, which was reflected in the number of surviving medieval monuments. The Protestants dominated by gdansk, was a strong bastion of Catholicism. October 11, 1587 in St. Nicholas was the presentation of the newcomer from Sweden to King Sigismund III act of election, after (October 7) sworn by him in the church in Oliva obligations towards the Republic, the so-called. pacta conventa, passed by the Sejm. After this period, there has been a rapid growth of the church. The church was hurt during the Second World War.