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Representative Long Street in Gdansk


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From the thirteenth century, served as a trade route, the Way of the main Gdansk, which was an extension of an oval square. It has always served as a representative, lived in this part of the most prominent, houses belonged to the patricians, merchants and occupying the highest offices in the city. Because of the festive parades held in honor of the Polish kings coming to Gdansk called Royal Route.More than 80 colorful, often ornate carvings, ceramics, painting houses and compositions has an unusual architectural image. This beautiful home team created over several centuries, based on the prevailing styles in given periods. Upcoming fashion resulted in changes in the interior plastic wall houses that have preserved their slender, its width for two or three windows, dictated the dimensions belonging to the owner of the building. Usually decorated the entrance to which was entered from the street zdobnymi terraces przedprożami typical of Gdansk, with small high windows and a great division, usually triangular tops are essential elements in the side of the street facing facades of houses in Gdansk.