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Polish Post Office No.1 in the Free City of Gdansk






The old hospital building from the nineteenth century, since 1925, has been established here Poland mail facility in the Free City of Danzig. Since 1930 establishment has become a major Polish Post Office in Gdańsk. It was located between the other switchboard with direct connection to Polish. In 1939, employed about 100 people here. About 4.45 September 1, 1939 establishment attacked the SS and police in Gdansk. The defenders were armed only with pistols hand against them sent three armored cars and two runs. German plan assumed puncture in the wall of the building next door, bound by the defense forces attacking from the front, breaking into the building. The plan failed, the attack was repulsed. Plan of Staff of the Polish Army assumed the defense for 6 hours until the arrival of Western Army. In contrast to the Defenders of Westerplatte, the postman did not receive information on the withdrawal of the Intervention Corps of Pomerania, defense or appeal the order. During the second assault by a wall pierced defense commander killed since the outbreak of Konrad Guderski own grenade. This attack also failed. The third attack occurred about 11 am, the German forces were supported by two 75 millimeter guns, the attack also failed. At about 15 German command ordered the break in assaults and for Postal given two hours to surrender. At the same time bringing the 105 millimeter howitzers and doing the excavation under the building with six-pound explosive. Approximately 17 hours after the ultimatum charge fired at the building, part of the front wall collapsed. German troops with the support of three guns forced their way into the building. Defense postman was limited to the basement. At around 18 Germany brought fire engines which pumped petrol which was set on fire throwers. Approximately 19 hours after 14 hours postmen heroic defense, capitulated. The first came from a burning building director Dr. John Michon carrying a white flag, even though it was shot. The same fate befell him off postmaster Joseph Wąsik. With the Post Office managed to escape six person. Two of them, Francis Mionskowskiego and injured Alfonso Flisykowskiego, already arrested Sept. 2 and was placed with the other defenders. Other person: Andrzej Gorski, Franciszek Mielewczyk, Wladyslaw Milewczyk and Augustyn Młyński, managed to escape and survive the war. The remaining 28 people were seated in the Bureau of Police, and the wounded and burned were in the city hospital. Group imprisoned in the Bureau of Police moved in a few days to Victoriaschule, prisons, where in the early days of the war were imprisoned and tortured Polish Gdansk. This group was tried in the first trial, postmen September 8, 1939. The Fate of the defense arranged themselves differently. The dead were buried in the cemetery at Snowdrift, today Victims of Nazism Cemetery Bolesław Chrobry Street. The survivors were arrested and later sentenced to death. Postmen who did not participate in the defense of the rear were in concentration camps. In 1995, the conviction has been canceled and the postman postmen same rehabilitated. Judgment affirmed violation of the rules of court proceedings and violation of the provisions of the Hague Convention IV of 1907.