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Polish Grammar School in Gdansk


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Private school, founded in 1922 by the Gdansk Educational Society on the basis of the authorization of the Senate of the Free City of Danzig from December 12, 1921. It was the most prestigious school in Gdansk, Poland in the Free City. A plaque on the building commemorates the teachers who died during the Second World War. It was a co-educational school, the structure of a Frankfurt Gdansk, mathematics and science of classical languages​​. The study lasted nine years. The children could attend school in Gdansk citizens of Polish descent and Polish workers in the Free City. The study was paid, but a significant proportion of students made ​​use of various types of relief or was completely exempt from fees. The school was the only Polish school in the Free City of Danzig. The school taught many prominent activists Poles, including Polish language Wladyslaw Pniewski, painter Marian Szyszko (art teacher), Father Francis Rogaczewski, John Hen (mathematician and physicist).

The high school auditorium was created one of the most monumental works of Polish-ceiling sky blue, painted by Marian Jurgielewicz and Stefan Płużańskiego. The work consists of two themes Vistula to Gdansk and Gdynia Rail to. The work destroyed after joining Danzig to the Third Reich. Currently, there are plans to restore the historic paintings.