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Main Town Hall in Gdansk


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This is undoubtedly the most beautiful building in Gdansk and one of the most beautiful in Europe. The original two-storey, with a low, stern-shaped tower was built 1382 years on the site of the original wood can. About half of the fourteenth century superstructure third floor, the tower was raised in two steps crowning her soaring Gothic dome. From the Long Market created Gothic attic. After two fires in 1494 and 1556 there was a recovery in the Renaissance style addition was built on the east side three wings, the eastern wall of the Long Market, corner towers crowned and a small gallery on the Polish coat of arms was placed, Royal Prussia and Danzig. Tower in 1561 received a wonderful, multi-storey Renaissance helmet, the work of Dirk Daniels. He was in the carillon John Moore of Brabant, consisting of fourteen bells, decorated with eagles Polish. At the top stood thickly gilded statue of King Sigismund Augustus. More than two centuries later, in 1768, Daniel Eggert made ​​a beautiful portal and leading to the stairs. The interior of the town hall and especially the famous Red Room, Winter Hall and others received in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a very rich design, consisting of a number of sculptures, paintings, handicraft products, works of outstanding masters of brush and chisel. At every step of the Polish eagles met, portraits of Polish kings and other memorabilia Polish.