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Home English or Angelic, was a Renaissance building in Gdansk






XVII monumental building occupies two plots which enabled the construction of the 30 meter high and wide on 15 facade. Renaissance building designed by Hans Kramer Dirk Lylge Gdansk merchant. The owner himself fairly quickly after construction fell into financial difficulties, and his house was occupied by the creditors. The building changed hands several times, in the seventeenth century hall of the building to take advantage of the English merchants residing in Gdansk as a place of worship, hence the current name. Some would argue the opposite, that the correct name is the "House of Angels" from the angel adorning the top of the building. A compromise for both parties is the beautiful decoration stone building. Couple pilasters define windows that emit ornament ornate cornices. Originally, all the details were gold, and the walls are richly decorated with sgraffito. Note the beautifully decorated portal in the form of a triumphal arch, flanked doubled him deeply fluted column. From the late eighteenth century to the early twentieth century served as a hotel, where they lived among other Ursyn Niemcewicz Julian and Jadwiga Łuszczewska - Deotyma - author of "lady with Windows". Today it houses the Student House and the Department of Graphic Arts Academy in Gdansk.