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Holy Trinity Church in Gdansk






Holy Trinity Church is part of the Team Pofranciszkańskiego, which includes the Chapel of St. Anne, the sacristy and the buildings of the monastery with patio. After the Reformation in 1522 declined monastery was given to the city for the purpose of a theological school was founded in the monastery buildings and the first Academic Gymnasium Danzig library, and since 1872, the Museum of the City. Today it houses the National Museum. In the seventeenth century the west was built by the church-preserved timber-framed house with nadwieszoną gallery. It is interesting that the Chapel of St. Anne, the monastery was built in 1480 on the west side, at the behest of Casimir. They were held in the church service in the Polish language for Protestants. Just below the peaks of the main aisle of the church can be seen, the historic lifting device. Two-storey loft of the church was used as a granary and storehouse. It is one of the most valuable monuments of late Gothic in Gdansk.