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Green Gate in Gdansk






Long Market palace closes the so-called Green Gate, Gdańsk built as the residence of Polish kings. It was built between 1564-1568 on the site of a Gothic gate Koga. He raised her John Kramer, modeled on the Dutch and Italian architecture. Despite its destination, the Green Gate never not hosted Polish kings. She stopped just passing through here, the future wife of Władysław IV, and later John Casimir, Marie Louise Gonzaga. Later it housed the first headquarters of the Society of Natural Gdansk, transferred to the House of Naturalists. Originally the palace there were three runs, four pierced in the nineteenth century. Transitions appear on the original Polish coats of arms, Royal Prussia and Gdansk. Over the passage pierced in 1868 bears the coat of arms of Prussia. Currently, there is a branch of the National Museum in Gdansk and there office is the former President of the Third Republic of Lech Walesa.