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Great Mill in Gdańsk






Great Mill was built by the Teutonic Knights in 1350 on an artificially created island called Shield, is considered the largest medieval industrial plant built on Polish soil. Powerful mill wheels, six on one wall, were driven by the waters of the Canal Radunia. For a larger drop of water in the vicinity of the channel led Pruszcz Gdansk, construction took 20 years. At the sloping roof housed a six granary, and the front was a blast furnace built another grain. In 1391 years of a trading partially burnt. In February 1454 the year Gdańskers master mill, which means accepting the sovereignty of the Polish king and to begin a war against the Teutonic Order. The privilege issued in Elblag, the Polish king Casimir IV in 1454, merely gave the mill. Mill operated until 1945, but the mechanisms were modernized in the years between the wars. On the second floor there is the Aquarium, Underwater World, with an interesting exhibition of exotic fish and other marine organisms.