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Granary Island in Gdansk


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Granary Island was founded in 1576, after digging and widening moat Gdansk and redirecting it Motławy mainstream. It was a typical industrial part of town, closely associated with the Long Pobrzeże. They were the granaries and, in the sixteenth century, there were already about 340 They were tall, spacious and multi-storey warehouses built of wood, brick, clay, stones. Granaries lying on the river had long bridges for loading or unloading of goods directly to and from ships. Buildings do not have numbers but names. The question is why industrial district cordon off channels? The answer is surprising Dantzig thus protect their assets against looting, which were punished litter. The island has been prohibited residence at night, extra protection pack of dogs were let down at night. Since 1885 the island began to commute the train, on the island was developed network of tracks that ran from the station at the Gate Lowland. Due to fire safety, the same area of the island wagons were pulled by horses. It is interesting to other turntables on paved roads that facilitate cross-twisting wagons in the streets. In 1945 the island was almost completely destroyed by the invading Red Army into the city. To date, only a few buildings were rebuilt over Motlawa.