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Fountain of Neptune


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It was founded in the seventeenth century by the councilors of Gdansk. Project Neptune statue was designed by Abraham van den Blocke, the greatest architect of Gdansk from that period. Its present appearance dates from the rebuilding and renewal in the eighteenth century. Neptune statue was cast in 1615. Mannerist in his appearance figure of the god of the seas is built on a broken line, designed for viewing from all sides. Neptune's head resembles the head of a horse statue of Marcus Aurelius, and the torso is a reference to the Belvedere Torso. These similarities indicate that the fountain is one of the few examples of the presence of the ancient sculptures in the architecture of Gdansk. For a great grid derived from 1634, restored about half of the eighteenth century, the city placed a carved and gilded iron Polish eagles. These eagles were removed during the interwar period. During World War II, the fountain was dismantled and stored its individual parts. Found all of them except the bowl shaft. In 1954, the assembly of the fountain and ran it on 22 July. It is one of the most beautiful art accents the Royal Way. In April 1988, during the annual maintenance on the instructions of officials in Gdansk, leaf capped penis statue.