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Equestrian statue of King Jan III Sobieski in Gdansk






The monument is made in 1897 by Tadeusz Barącz, cast in bronze, the base of the monument is made of gray sandstone Ternopil. The character of the King is represented in the national dress, the żupanie and robe, climbed the steed, przeskakującym has overturned basket faszynowy and shattered gun-carriage. King's face was turned to the southeast, where most Sarge danger to the city. It was a gift of public Lviv 200 anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Vienna. It once graced the entrance to the hetman gelding Opera Theatre, the most representative walking the city. Today the site is occupied by a monument to Taras Shevchenko. For several years, he has no base on the lawn of the Palace Wilanów, brought him to Gdansk in 1965.