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Dom Ferberów - siedziba jednego z najznamienitszych rodów Gdańskich






Head of the richest and influential family in Gdansk Ferber, he gave the city: six mayors, three jurors, six councilors, three canons and one bishop. History of the house begins in 1560 when Constantin Ferber, son of Eberhard, decided to erect a house according to the latest architectural trends of Mannerism, to emphasize the importance and wealth of the family. Both Eberhard and Constantin were mayors of Gdansk, also known as the first king of Danzig. Constantin became famous for his tenacity, effective diplomacy and political victory in the Polish-Danzig in 1577. The building served the owners for the year 1786 - until the death of the last representative of the family.

The house does not always was called the "Ferber House". Previously it was called "Adam and Eve", the source was placed on the door of a scene showing the expulsion of our first parents Adam and Eve from paradise. Legend has it that the devil had power. Eberhard Ferber after the death of his beloved wife, he lived in solitude. He wanted to call his wife from the underworld. Contacted by the Venetian master of magic, which promised to fulfill his wish. The two organized sessions failed. The reason, as the magician, was the presence of third parties. During the third visit to the Venetian magician in the house was to be the only councilor, the servant did not want to allow calls to her late mistress, and hid in the fireplace. Master of magic began to work. When I was at last contact with the other servant suddenly disappeared hidden in the fireplace, and there were the first parents - Adam and Eve, then the host and father figure at the end of his deceased wife. Ferber councilor threw himself on his knees before the figure of the deceased asking for forgiveness for the disruption of her eternal rest. At this point, an obscure force struck a councilor, a master of magic and the induced forms disappeared forever. Thus, at the door with a scene showing a scene of Adam and Eve and the first sin. After the death of councilor house was uninhabited. There was a legend that the house was haunted by ghosts. Since that time, adopted the custom that criminals led to execution was stopped at the door of the building, and over their heads were broken wooden sticks. About half of the nineteenth century, there were brave, who decided to rebuild the house and open the ground floor bakery there. The door was removed. The curse imposed on the building was gone.

Another story is the story of a boy, heir ferberowskiej fortune and power, who from the window of the building, held by the sitter, watched a colorful procession of one of the kings entering the Gdańsk and Gdańsk attendant greeting. Inattentive babysitter stared at a particularly handsome young man of the royal retinue, and loosened the grip of the arms, which stood on the windowsill asekurowała child. Misfortune only waiting for this occasion. The boy staggered and fell from the third floor down the straight at the perron. Had to save him a basket full of cabbages set by serving on przedprożu, which landed safely. Summary of this legend with the figure of a child falling on top of Constantina Ferber epitaph in St. Mary's Church, you recognize him as a hero a legend.