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Defenders Monument in Gdansk


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The monument was unveiled in 1966 at the initiative of the Council for the Protection of Struggle and Martyrdom. The project done Adam Haupt and Francis Duszeńko, the sculptures were involved many artists from across the Polish. On the mound with a height of 20 meters set a 25-meter monument in the shape of a sword, consisting of 236 granite blocks, brought from quarries in Strzegomiu and Borowie a total weight of 1150 tons. Monument decorated sailor and soldier sculpture commemorating the Polish defenders Coast, and the inscriptions of battles: Westerplatte, the Polish Post Office, Helium, Oksywie. Seven large candles symbolizes, seven days a defense of Westerplatte peninsula.

From the foot of the monument has a beautiful view of the Gulf of Gdańsk, Main City, New Port, Oksywie. Planning is the creation of the whole peninsula outdoor Battlefield Museum of Westerplatte.