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Church of St. Paul and St. Peter in Gdansk






Church of St. Paul and St. Peter is the historic parish church of Stare suburbs, built at the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries as a branch church of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To rank a parish church, it was raised in 1454. In the same year began the reconstruction and expansion of the church, the work lasted for 1516 years when it was placed last vault. The Church is a typical Danzig pseudo basilica, central nave is higher than the sides and does not have a window. In the years 1622-1945 he was the main Reformed Church in Gdansk. Church services were held here in Polish, English, French and German. Church did not spare the war has damaged in the fighting in 1735 in Gdańsk in protecting Leszczynski of Saxon and Russian armies, during the siege by Napoleon's army in 1807 and during the war in March 1945. Reconstruction began in 1976 and continues today.