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Church of Sant John in Gdansk






The first information source about this place dates back to 1358, proves the existence of a small chapel here, dedicated to St. John. The jurisdiction over the dispute waged Chapel pastors of the church of St. Catherine and St. Mary's. By virtue of the judgment of the commander of Gdansk Giselberta von Dudulsheima chapel of St. John became a branch of the church of St. Catherine. With the development of the City is increasing the role of the chapel. At the end of the fourteenth century begins with the construction of a three-aisled church. Very soon after the construction of the temple, in terms of the tax burden on the church of St. John was in second place, right after Mary. However, the land on which the building was set too slushy, the instability of the building is also affected too deep burials. Already in the sixteenth century cracks appeared and eastern walls of the deviation from vertical. The structure strengthened several times since the end of the sixteenth century, by the seventeenth and eighteenth century. During the Second World War the church was severely damaged after the war PRZE fifty years the church was owned by the city. Devastated the interior of the church helped the filmmakers Kolumbowie, the implementation stages of the Uprising museum opened here Warszawskiego.Planowano scenery and a concert hall. Currently, care for the church of St. John the exercise center - a joint venture Baltic Sea Culture Centre and the Ministry of Creative. Is the place where art exhibitions and theater performances and church services on Sundays and public holidays.