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Church of Sant Catherine in Gdansk






Church. Catherine is the oldest parish church in the Old Town and one of the oldest in Gdansk. Built between 1227-1239, the founders were the princes of Gdańsk Pomerania, was developed in the fourteenth century, however, there are indications that it was in this place much older temple, archaeological studies indicate the existence of pre-Romanesque church and cemetery in the early eleventh century. Some of the dead were buried here in the trunks of trees, which is combined with the culture prapolską, like tombs found in Gdańsk's The Castle. Patron of the church is holy Catherine of Alexandria in Egypt, also known as the patron saint of about 1226 years of Gdansk. In the church of its chapels and altars were merchants, craftsmen, fishermen, and can be found here tombstone of Johannes Hevelius. From 1555 to 1945 zawiadywali Lutheran church. The most valuable monuments survived the war, the church was bombed, its restoration continues today.