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Brotherhood of St. George's Manor in Gdansk






Brotherhood of St. George's Manor was the seat of the most distinguished people of the city, with its own coat of arms, who wanted to live like knights. The aim was to cultivate the habits of the brotherhood and the ideals of chivalry.Brotherhood first meeting took place in Arthur's Court, then decided to build its own headquarters. Site selection was not random, in this place before shooting competitions were organized and taught in fencing. The building was constructed in 1494 in Gothic style, designed by John Glothaua. The basement housed the shooting range to archers and archery equipment store. On the first floor meeting room situated brotherhood, to celebrate important events, feasts and theatrical performance. in 1566 the dome crowning the building set statue of St. George killing the dragon. Brotherhood resolve its activities in 1798, the building became the property of the city. On the ground floor established military guard was placed on the floor of the school of fine arts. In the late nineteenth century building restored to its original appearance.