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Bastion Bison in Gdansk


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It was built between 1622-1636 as part of the reconstruction of fortifications, located in the vicinity of the Lower City. Solid embankment of the bastion was established, inter alia, urban waste. Bastions of this type were called Dutch, they represented the southern and eastern boundaries of the city, were below the moat fed by the waters of Motławy. These gigantic fortifications built by Dutch engineers, made ​​the city impregnable fortress. learned about the Swedes during the Deluge. In the nineteenth century, lost its values ​​and military defense and was an obstacle to further expansion of the city began to slow leveling walls. In their place arose tenement houses, squares, parks, alleys. Fortunately bastions located on the south side of the city, in the very wetlands are preserved. There is some military power "Golden Gate Republic".