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A classical mansion of the nineteenth century


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Mansion built in 1802 and belonged to wealthy merchants. It is decorated in a classic style. Traces of the former splendor of the building can be seen with the naked eye. Just look at the wooden porch, or the remnants of stucco murals on the walls. Before the war, the owner of this estate was a man by the name of Neufeld. Olszynki oldest inhabitants remember that he gave work to many people. During the war he worked here as Soviet prisoners of war. Here was a huge park (1.2 ha), which grew grand, century-old elm trees and a pond. Distinctive and valuable stained glass windows adorning the former Dutch porch. After the war, the mansion was inserted partitions. , Several apartments, which moved people. The ceiling and walls painted over, leaving only a small part of the frescoes. The park was parceled out. Today part of the occupied land, and some quite ferocious. People who have moved here directly after the war mentioned that in the living room mansion on the black ceiling was painted the sky with the stars and planets, which is characteristic of Masonic lodges meeting places.